Veke denies AJ building approval




Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke.

Guadalcanal Provincial Premier Anthony Veke has denied giving approval for the development of the AJ City Building at the abutment of the Lungga Bridge in East Honiara.

AJ City is a million dollar five storey shopping mall.

As former Chair of the Guadancanal Provincial Town and Country Planning Board Mr Veke said his office only revoked the development on the condition that the developer, Aaron Zheng had to provide a geo-tech report of the development.

” We revoked it, but his submitted his documents and also attached the receipts, which we knew he had already made the payments here,” he said.

” On that basis we gave the approval for him to continue , pending on these few areas, which we told him to provide a geo-tech report, which he never did.”

He said the board had never approved the development as Mr Zheng had failed to provide the report.

” He contracted some technical people and said that the technical people here are too expensive,” he said.

” On that basis , the board never gave him the approval because he didnt meet what the board asked him to do.”

Documents sighted by SIBC News indicated a ‘Stop Notice’ for the development was issued on 17 April 2018, and was later revoked by the Guadalcanal Town and Country Planning Board on 12 June 2018.

The AJ building at Lungga.

The documents showed, the development was approved by the Director of Environment, Joe Horokou and former Director of Engineering at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, late Harry Rini, as well as other relevant government authorities.

Mr Zheng earlier told the local media, he had all the legal documents that allowed him to start the development.

Meanwhile, the building’s basement was almost submerged underwater following floods from the recent bad weather.

By: Charlie Piringi. 

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