Platform Movement allegedly threatening non followers

Members of the Makira Platform Movement. Photo: Solomon Star

Report says the so-called Platform Movement in Makira Ulawa Province is causing fear among non-group members.

A source who wished for anonymity told SIBC News some members of the group are actually threatening non-members with knives.

The source spoke to a woman last Christmas who lives in a community that a large number of them are Platform members when she confirmed the threats.

The woman said several times some group members used knives to threaten a few of them who were non-members and forced them to join.

Because of fear from the threats, the woman told the source, at one point she accepted to join the group.

The woman said while she was a member she realized some of their rules were not acceptable, so she left the group.

SIBC News is aware the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government is working on de-registering the group.

The group which was established with an intention to revive the culture of Makira Ulawa Province under a constitution was believed to have twisted its established constitution to suit personal interests.

By: Allen Waitara. 

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