Vietnamese ‘blue boats’ crew still in Honiara

The three 'blue boats' in question

The three ‘blue boats’ in question

The 40 Vietnamese “blue boat” crew are still being held at the Rove Detention Centre in Honiara as they await further directions from the Immigration Department.

Last week the crew, who have now been in custody for almost a month, were fined almost $SBD800 for illegal entry into the country after they were caught by authorities illegally fishing in Solomon Island waters.

They have until May 1 to pay their fines.

The chief immigration officer for enforcement and human trafficking Christopher Akosawa said the crew, including the three captains, were still being detained at the Rove centre.

Mr Akosawa said the Immigration department would make the necessary arrangements for their repatriation when they paid their fines.

“The Magistrate has reviewed the detention order and extended the order for the 43 crew to remain at the Rove detention house to keep them while we make arrangements to repatriate the crew to return to their families in Vietnam.”

The three captains of the detained boats are still awaiting a court date to face their more serious crimes of illegal fishing.

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