‘We need more time’ prosecutors tell court in Easter double murder case

The tribute to the murdered couple.

The hearing into the alleged Easter double murder case has been adjourned to June 13, with prosecutors telling the court they needed more time.

Prosecutor Andrew Kelesi told the Honiara Magistrate’s Court today Police were still in Auki interviewing people of interest, and asked for the adjournment.

“The they are still following up on some areas of investigation,  and some witnesses they need to speak to,” he said.

“Hopefully by the end of the week the team will come back to Honiara. And also they are trying to enhance the TV, the CCTV footage so it is more clearer.”

The two men, Raymond Keota and Jimson Erga, have been charged with two counts of murder each for the death of Chinese couple Jimmy and Joy Kwan during the Easter period.

They allegedly used bush knives to stab the couple in what has been described as a “shocking and brutal” murder.

By Kikiva Tuni


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