Two guns, 166 bullets handed to Solomons Police as amnesty continues


Two guns have been handed in to police.
Photo: File photo.

Solomon Islands Police have so far been handed rifle and a shot gun during the country’s current gun amnesty period.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Commissioner Matthew Varley told reporters in Honiara on Wednesday afternoon the guns were handed in today and yesterday after education sessions in the Kakabona area.

The two guns were a shot gun, handed in yesterday, and a .22 calibre rifle, handed in today.

“These are the first two guns surrendered under this amnesty,”Mr Varley said. “The team was given a short? gun along with 19 rounds of rifle ammunition and eight rounds of other ammunition.”

So far, Mr Varley said, 166 rounds of ammunition have also been handed in.

“That is bullets for guns including five rounds of 50 caliber ammunition that was surrendered to Police and SIIPCRA members at Rarata village in north Guadalcanal on the 29th of May,” he said.

“15 rounds of 303 rifle ammunition collected in Salisapa village in Central Islands Province on the 27th of May and handed to Police; 53 rounds of 22 caliber fire ammunition handed to Naha Police Station on the 25th of May and also another 16 rounds of 22 ammunition handed to Central Police Station on the 27th of May.”

The amnesty continues until June 9.


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