The Western Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Western Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Premier of Western Province urges all eligible voters in the province to make the 2014 elections a peaceful one. The Western Province Premier made the statement following incidences of aggressive behaviour in the past weeks from contesting candidates and their supporters.

Mr Robert Pae Kuve says the election is a legal requirement enshrined in the constitution to elect parliamentary representatives and the requirement will be fulfilled come November 19. He says, people in the province should respect the electoral process and relevant laws and NOT take matters into their own hands if election results do not meet their expectations.

Mr Kuve says there will always be another election after four years, and another chance to contest. Meanwhile, the Western Province Premier says contesting candidates should demonstrate leadership and maturity qualities. He said leaders can do this by ensuring supporters do not instigate or involve in any unwanted behaviour that would disrupt the election process and victimize voters who want to exercise their democratic

rights.He appeals to all eligible voters in Western Province to exercise their democratic rights in a responsible manner to ensure the elections is peaceful and violent-free.

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