Lesson learnt next: SIEC anticipates Observer Reports for post-election review

By Simon Tavake

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) will be conducting its lesson ‘lesson learnt’ program once reports from Observer Mission teams are made available.

It is a post-election initiative aimed at reviewing and analyzing the electoral process to identify areas of improvement and learn from any challenges or issues encountered during the election.

In her closing speech last night, SIEC Chairlady Madame Taeasi Sanga said the commission is eager to receive reports from election observers to help with their learning phase.

SIEC Chairlady Teasi Sanga

“We’re now focusing on what we’ve learned from this first-ever joint election. We’re waiting for reports from both local and international observer groups, which will tell us if we should continue joint elections in the future,” the SIEC Chairlady said.

Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Officer Jasper Highwood Anisi reiterated that his staff will start working on this once the reports are ready.

“We’ll be looking at what we’ve learned next. But first, my staff need a break—they’ve been working non-stop since September last year during the registration period.” 

Chief Electoral Officer Jasper Highwood Anisi | Photo: SIEC

“Once we have the observer reports, we’ll gather and examine the lessons, shortcomings, and issues that came up during the election. That’s our priority moving forward,” Mr Anisi said.

SIEC’s goal is to make improvements so that people have confidence in the country’s democratic system.


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