The completed Atoifi Wharf in East Malaita. Photo credit:

The completed Atoifi Wharf in East Malaita. Photo credit:

Upgrades on a number of wharves across the country have been successfully completed.

These include Ringgi wharf on Kolombangara Island, Keru, Ngasini wharf in Vungunu and Susubona and Tataba wharves on Isabel province.

The Asian Development Bank ADB today says, the wharves were completed ahead of schedule and under budget in the second phase of the Domestic Maritime Support Project.

It says the ADB along with the government of Australia, New Zealand and Solomon Islands provided a combined SBD$50.1 to rebuild the wharves.

An additional one will be constructed in Lambulambu on Vella La Vella for an estimated cost of SBD 8.2 million with funding from cumulative savings made as a result of efficiency improvement on the other five wharves.

Meanwhile, the upgrade is to improve safety and access to new economic opportunities.

Additionally, it is to withstand vulnerability caused by climate change and support increased access to jobs, more private sector investment, and improved access to copra and cocoa markets.

A total of 10 wharves and two landing ramps have now been built under the project.

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