Woodford International School students off to Singapore for 2023 First Global Challenge.

The Woodford International team heading to the 2023 First Global Challenge in Singapore. Photo: WIS/Facebook

Five students from Woodford International School in Honiara  left the country today to represent Solomon Islands at the 2023 First Global Challenge in Singapore.

This Global Robotics competition is hosted annually by the non-profit organization, First Global, which this year will be bringing together students from over 190 countries to compete in the challenge.

The 2023 First Global Challenge will focus on the role of hydrogen in the planet’s renewable energy and reduced carbon future.

With the Hydrogen Horizons theme, teams will be expected to build and program robots that conceptualize the future of energy and creating sustainable ways to power the planet.

Head of school for Woodford International School, Mr. Daniel Corrigan told SIBC News they hope the student’s participation in the challenge can enhance their practical knowledge on the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Woodford International Head of School, Mr. Daniel Corrigan.

” When we talk about education, perhaps the way we were taught, when we learn these things, we were taught to memorize them and then we put them back on a test. And when we become adults, it is like we can never utilize them again.”

“So, experiences like this, we believe gives the students hands on chances to be able to utilize science, math, everything STEM related and be able to actually put it to a hands-on project that has meaning and purpose.”

Woodford has participated in three Global Robotics Competitions previously held in Washington DC in 2017, Mexico City in 2018 and Dubai in 2019.

Year 9 student, Langying Zhu says she hopes their participation in this year’s challenge will improve from the previous years.

” I am excited to represent not just Woodford but Solomon Islands, and I wish that our team can get a good score overall and maybe even have a higher rank then when we last participated.”

“Not just that, but to also meet new friends and see how they build their robots so next year we can build up to that and come up with a another better outcome.”

Ms. Langying Zhu and Mr. Aiden Kenilorea working on one of the robots.

Having only a few weeks to prepare everything for the challenge, Year 11 student, Mr. Aiden Kenilorea says he is nervous but excited for the learning experience.

“It is a bit nerve wrecking in terms of the circumstances we were given as the timeframe was a bit short, but I look forward to learning with other teams.

” I want to learn about their culture, their traditions and I look forward to sharing our traditions with them as well,” said Mr. Kenilorea.

The 2023 First Global Challenge will be held from the 7th to the 10th of October 2023.


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