A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo credit: SIBC.

A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo credit: SIBC.

Police in Yandina are searching for a man who went missing at sea between West Guadalcanal and Russell Islands.

The man believed to be part Tikopia and Guadalcanal, was part of a group of four young men who set off from Tina village of Visale to Russell Islands by boat, Tuesday last week.

Acting Provincial Police Commander Tulagi Staff Sergeant John Sara confirms rough seas capsized and smashed their boat and they had to swim ashore to a nearby island.

Only three of them survived the ordeal and reached the island before being rescued several days later.

Police searched for the missing man but their efforts have been unsuccessful.

“Police at Yandina including the Melanesian brotherhood are conducting a search for the missing person but were unable to find him. I asked the officers in Yandina about the man’s situation as to whether he is still alive and they informed me that they are not sure, but from the other three men who survived, they said he would probably be dead by now.”

Staff Sergeant Sara says Yandina Police continues its search operation.

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