A soccer ball. Photo credit: Team USA Soccer Jersey.

A soccer ball. Photo credit: Team USA Soccer Jersey.

Students from the Anglican ¬†schools in the country are currently in Honiara to take part in a one-week event called the ‘Anglican Church of Melanesia Schools and Institutions Communities’ – ACOMSIC event.

The event is revived after its suspension in 2005.

A senior school teacher of St Stephen Pamua College, Mr John Watson Rahe told SIBC News, the event is to bring together students to participate in different sports games and a range of entertainment activities.

“This is purposely to come and play different games and this consists of different schools owned by the Anglican Church of Melanesia in which we Pamua have involved by participating in different games like soccer, futsal, rugby, volleyball, netball and cultural and contemporary entertainments as well as speech contest during night programs.”

The event which starts tomorrow¬†ends next Friday under the theme “Embracing Peace and Friendship through Sports.”

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