Malaita Topography. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Malaita Topography. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

The travelling public of West Kwara’ae has been denied access to basic social services as a result of deteriorating infrastructure following the recent bad weather.

The worsening state of Fiu bridge after tropical cyclone Raquel has left travellers in great need for safer and reliable infrastructure.

A Willie Kiri told SIBC News, the Fiu bridge is now unsafe for Central and West Kwara’ae road users.

“For West and Central Kwara’ae it is risky now especially for the travelling public within these areas and beyond as the bridge is not safe.”

Mr Kiri also questioned the government’s infrastructure projects earmarked for Malaita province.

“I questioned the infrastructure implementation because we should have seen its implementation especially for roads within West or Central Kwara’ae.”

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