SIBC North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri. Photo credit: SIBC.

SIBC North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri. Photo credit: SIBC.

Most schools around the country have begun classes this week as Term one officially starts however schools in Mbita’ama in North Malaita are still going through formal student registration.

According to the 2015 School Calendar issued by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, term one for schools across the country formally began Monday this week.

SIBC Stringer in Mbita’ama, John Andrew Kiri reports, some schools may still delay classes as their grounds are still to be cleaned.

Mr Kiri also reports a number of schools need to do maintenance on classrooms which suffered damages to their roofs due to recent strong winds.

He says another reason delaying the start of classes in Mbita’ama schools is uncertainty regarding teachers postings for this year.

“Some teachers here don’t even know their posting as yet for this year, whether they will move to other schools or remain at their schools from last year, but as we speak I can see parents flooding the schools to get their children registered and start classes as soon as the academic year starts for 2015.”

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