Buala in Isabel Province. Photo: Courtesy of Solomon Islands  Adventures.

Buala in Isabel Province. Photo: Courtesy of Solomon Islands Adventures.

Buala Hospital in Isabel has recorded its lowest number of diarrhea cases this month, since an outbreak of the disease earlier this year.

Nurse in Charge, Martin Gavira told SIBC News, this month Buala hospital recorded only 25 diarrhea cases this month, compared to 1-hundred and sixty-four cases recorded in June.

Mr Gavira said the low number of cases is a result of the Hospital’s awareness campaign on proper personal hygiene, and people’s quick response to get medical attention.

“Basically hand washing and personal hygiene awareness and how to keep food safely, sign and symptoms of diarrhea cases at homes and danger signs are areas covered in our awareness program. We advice that as soon as people see any signs or cases of such they must attend a clinic rather than resorting to home remedies like custom or such, so people complied to hand washing as well as personal hygiene and keeping food properly.”

Meanwhile, the Nurse in Charge says Buala Hospital has seen a great impact on people after doing awareness campaigns on reducing diarrhea in Isabel Province.

Martin Gavira said after earlier awareness programs, the Hospital now records an average of five to six cases of diarrhea, compared to weekly cases of ten to twelve the Hospital received in earlier months.

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