Court mallet. Photo credit: SIBC.

Court mallet. Photo credit: SIBC.

A Principal Magistrate says it is a waste of time for cases to keep appearing in court and be adjourned because a lawyer is absent.

Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi commented when she adjourned a case to another date.

This was due to the absence of the accused’s lawyer who was yet to renew his legal practitioner’s certificate.

On being informed that the lawyer was again absent, the Magistrate commented that the continuous adjournment is a waste of time.

She advised the accused to talk with his lawyer or seek legal council from the Public Solicitor’s office.

The accused has six charges against him including abducting, grievous harm, demanding with menace, larceny by person and two counts of traffic charges.

He was told to go back to Court tomorrow for another mention on his case.


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