A dump site in the Pacific. Photo credit: SPREP.

A dump site in the Pacific. Photo credit: SPREP.

The Honiara City Council says a study on waste management has indicated, the rate of degradable rubbish being thrown away within
Honiara city is very alarming.

Council’s Chief Health Inspector George Titiulu made this announcement during a talk-back show on the National Radio today.

“The rubbish that are able to rot is very high, that we spend most of our time collecting in our residential homes and commercial sectors and throw in the Ranadi dumpsite.That ratio is very high, I think it takes about half of the waste composition in Honiara. So it is best that we start thinking of the rubbish that is able to decompose and that which is not able to decompose.”

The Council says it is important that segregation of rubbish begins within every home.

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