Solomon Islands only electricity supplier SIEA. Photo: SIBC.

Solomon Islands only electricity supplier SIEA. Photo: SIBC.

Electricity Tariffs in Solomon Islands, the second highest in the Pacific is expected to decrease from April first.

Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, SIEA, explains, Solomon Islands has relied on diesel for power generation instead of renewable energy.

SIEA adds, Government tariff regulation is outdated and needs updating.

It says, SIEA pays taxes on fuel unlike other countries. For instance, SIEA paid $30 million in fuel taxes last year.

Meanwhile, the SIEA statement says the real solution for high tariffs now is to end the reliance on diesel and move towards renewable energy like hydropower, geothermal power, coconut oil or solar.

SIEA now reassures the public that based upon landed fuel price decreases to SIEA over the last quarter, electricity tariffs will decrease from 1st April.

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