Law image. Photo credit:

Law image. Photo credit:

A former Police officer in Kulitana Police station, Shortland Islands has questioned why the Judiciary fails to hold court circuits in the area.

The officer Mr. Ignatiaus Gorau says there is a substantial number of outstanding Court cases at the Kulitana Police Station still to go before the Courts.

Mr. Gorau told SIBC’s Gina Maka’a in Shortlands, the cases date back to when RAMSI used to be stationed at the Lofang Police Station.

The outstanding cases include very serious crimes.

“The crimes include serious crimes such as murder cases. He said everyone around Shortland islands would like to know if the Judiciary could ever solve the cases. He said two very serious crimes which happened just recently are also among those waiting to be heard.”

The former Police officer also pointed out that the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs is yet to deliver on its words to upgrade the Gizo Magistrate Court in Western Province.

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