Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Magistrate’s Court has warned a woman to be kind and look after her five-year-old daughter or face imprisonment for a year.

Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika sounded out the warning today when he sentenced the woman with a bound over for twelve months.

The woman was convicted of treating her 5-year-old daughter cruelly on different occasions this year.

At one time, she burnt her daughter’s buttocks with a hot knife from the fire, and another time she stoned her daughter in the forehead.

In the court this morning, Magistrate Seiuka told the woman not to repeat the same cruel actions towards her child for twelve months, or she will face imprisonment.

He told her, the victim is her biological daughter and she has a right to care for her.

The Magistrate adds, children are protected by legislation, regulations and laws to look after them.

Meanwhile, the prosecution says they will appeal the sentence.

SIBC News understands the Prosecution had had submitted for imprisonment during the sentencing submissions.

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