Atoifi, East Malaita. Photo credit:

Atoifi, East Malaita. Photo credit:

East Malaita constituency has recorded a good voter turn out during today’s provincial election.

As of this afternoon, 14 polling stations in East Malaita have experienced a good turn out since polls opened at 7am this morning.

Meanwhile, reports received from parts of East Kwaio by Enock Idui says the region has also experienced a peaceful and good voter turn out today.

“Catching up with four polling stations in parts of East Kwaio today I found that the voter turnout is quite good and people have casted their votes peacefully. Quite a good number of people turned up in the morning to vote.”

Meanwhile, SIBC understands, Rennell and Bellona, Guadalcanal, Central, Temotu and most of the Malaita provincial Wards went to the polls today.

Provincial Election Coordinator, Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Robert Kaua says Isabel province and Matakwalao ward 9, North Malaita could not vote today because the boat charter to deliver election kits have been delayed.

He says Isabel province and Matakwalao ward nine in North Malaita will go to the polls tomorrow.

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