A promotional BVR sticker. Photo: SIBC.

A promotional BVR sticker. Photo: SIBC.

Students from North Malaita in Malaita province were given privilege to register in their own Biometric Voter’s Registration Centres for this year’s national general election.

SIBC News stringer for North Malaita John Andrew Kiri reports about one-hundred and ten students from Su’u National Secondary School, Aligegeo and Adaua Secondary School have gone home for registration.

Kiri reports, students were happy to be given the privilege to register and participate in this year’s election.

“They said they are so happy and feel a sense of respect to be registered, as they do not wish to miss the first election under the new biometric voter registration system at election day by the end of this year. In terms of travelling costs to and from Aligegeo they thanked the North Malaita Constituency Development Officer for his support in meeting the costs. A total of one hundred and ten students from Su’u National Secondaru School and Aligegeo Provincial Secondary school have managed to register,” reports Mr Kiri.

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