Nutrition promotion. Photo credit: jaxhomedaycare.com.

Nutrition promotion. Photo credit: jaxhomedaycare.com.

Honiara City Health Promotion Department has today handed over a Bill Board to Mount Horeb School in East Honiara.

Chief Health Promotion Officer, HCC Health Promotion Department, Oliver Oli says the billboard hand over to the school Principal this morning is part of a project that HCC Health Promotion Department is working on.

He says the message on the billboard is about nutritious food aiming to make the school become a healthy school.

“The billboards contains messages and they are about good food and good nutrition. Why we want to promote that is because often during break times the common practice is that women would sell junk food in the schools which are not helpful to the children’s health. That is why we want to promote these billboards to promote nutritious food that can help children’s health.”

He adds Mbokona and Tuvaruhu schools will be handed a billboard each later this week.

The project is co-funded by the HCC service grant and H- Sup Project of the Honiara City Council under the New Zealand Government funding.

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