The five Magistrates with Deputy Magistrate (left). Photo credit: SIBC.

The five Magistrates with Deputy Magistrate (left). Photo credit: SIBC.

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer has said the recent appointment of five lawyers to join the Magistracy, signifies the first intake after the Magistrate post has been elevated to a constitutional position.

Speaking last Thursday to welcome the five magistrates, Sir Palmer said the community will expect them to perform, now that their terms and conditions are improved.

“With the increases and improvements in the terms and conditions and salary levels come the corresponding expectations of the community on that elevated position, which must equally be reciprocated in your service and work and also in your social and other commitments. The integrity and reputation of the office must be protected at all times.”

SIBC News understands Ricky Inomea, Fatimah Taeburi and Edwin Saramo were sworn in as Principal Magistrates while Natalie Kesaka and Augustine Aulanga took their oaths as First Class Magistrates, to join the Magistracy last week.

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