The Court of Arms of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Court of Arms of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has concluded a one day seminar to familiarize Senior divisional Managers and Heads on its restructuring program.

The seminar engaged staff on fundamental areas such as assessment, realignment and the preparation of a job description.

Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie, made reference to findings of the 2010 Review of the Education Sector Administration Structure that strongly suggested the need to restructure the whole education sector.

Dr Rodie said there is an urgent need to provide improved management support to stakeholders, Education Authorities and School Communities to achieve the national education goals and objectives.

He adds, this will eventually improve teaching and learning outcomes.

He said, the workshop has been aimed at giving a heads up to all divisional managers about the new restructure.

The program was concluded in Honiara last Wednesday.

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