Futsal. Photo credit:

Futsal. Photo credit:

Namoi Community High School in East Malaita is hosting a Futsal knockout today at the school grounds.

Reporting from East Malaita, one of the organising committee members Enoch Idui told SIBC Sports great cash prizes are up for grab.

“The prizes are: for Futsal soccer knockout the first prize is $600.00, second prize is $400.00, third prize $200.00 and for ladies’ volleyball, the first prize is $300.00, second is $200.00 and the third prize is $150.00. Registration fees for soccer are $70.00 and you can also repay the same amount if you want to play again after a loss. Volleyball fees are $60.00 and the same for repayment.”

Mr Idui encourages all interested sporting clubs in and around Namoi to join the tournament to support the school’s infrastructure developments.

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