Travis Ziku. Photo credit: SIBC.

Travis Ziku. Photo credit: SIBC.

Acquiring a Masters degree certificate in Japan for Solomon Islanders will help boost bilateral ties between both countries.

It will help Travis Sogirie Ziku to further assist Solomon Islands and Japan’s bilateral relations.

Among six Solomon Islands recipients is Travis Sogirie Ziku who was given the opportunity to undertake Masters degree studies at the International University of Japan this year.

This was made possible by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under its ‘Pacific Leaders’ Educational Assistance for Development of State’ (LEADS) program.

Asked how his studies will help Solomon Islands, Mr. Ziku said it will further strengthen and enhance the relationship between Japan and Solomon Islands.

“We all know that the Asian region is emerging, well it has emerged and Japan, of course, is one of the members in the region and Japan has always be a traditional partner with the Solomon Islands Government and of course the people so we focus on having this training so that it further strengthens and enhances our relationship not just on people-to-people but in terms of academic wise and other development cooperation that may come in place in the future and I think that’s the whole purpose of this training.”

Meanwhile, female recipient, Ms. Cindrella Mede Vunagi from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey hopes to apply her knowledge in the country after her studies in Japan.

“So with our experience in the country what I would like to learn from Japan is the type of development they have, the type of building codes and how they assess their developments because we are lacking such skills and knowledge and I am hoping to learn a lot from Japan and maybe get that experience to Honiara and see if we can improve our town.”

Cindrella Mede Vunagi. Photo credit: SIBC.

Cindrella Mede Vunagi. Photo credit: SIBC.

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