Our Telekom switched on a new tower in Santa Cruz. Photo: Google

Our Telekom switched on a new tower in Santa Cruz. Photo: Google

People of Fenualoa, Temotu Province are the happiest when Our Telekom switched on their new mobile tower at Malubu village, Reef Islands last week.

Principal of Fenualoa High School Mr. Mathew Matoko said the new mobile tower has brought much excitement to the whole of Fenualoa, Matema, Nifiloli and Pileni.

He said, the outer Islands are prone to disaster yet luck emergency communication services.

Mr Matoko explains, the new tower will make a big difference on the lives of people in the remote Islands especially checking weather through mobile phones and being able to quickly communicate whenever there is an emergency.

He added, the new mobile tower also brought many business opportunities to the rural areas.

It also helps solve administration issues such as normally faced by schools, church leaders, nurses and police officers.

Our Telekom now has 7 towers in Temotu Province located at Lata, Luesalemba, Bonate on Santa Cruz, Balipa, Malubu on Reef Islands, Tikopia and a new one under construction at Noole.

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