Inside the Honiara  public library. Photo credit:

The New Zealand Government has agreed to fund renovations for the capital’s only public library.

The funding will be provided under New Zealand’s Honiara Economic Support Project.

An agreement for the project was reached between a City Council Standing Committee and the Project yesterday.

Council Clerk Charles Kelly told SIBC News the project has two phases and the first phase will see the construction of a front building for library users to read or study.

“The second phase of the project will involve the inside part. We will also have a computerised library system inside, meaning there will be four computers to use the system and also Internet for students to do research. So that is what we have agreed on yesterday and the Board has passed it. The renovations should begin as soon as we have its plan released.”

SIBC News understands the Honiara Public Library has been closed since late last year.

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