SIBC North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri. Photo credit: SIBC.

SIBC North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri. Photo credit: SIBC.

The North Malaita constituency Christmas sports tournament ends today.

SIBC’s North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri reports the tournament started Monday this week and ends today.

He says 60 teams from West Baelelea have participated in the tournament, saying the To’obaita Authority for Research Development (TARD) has organized the tournament with the help of the North Malaita MP Jimmy Lusibaea.

Mr Kiri reported TARD President Timson Maeta as saying he is pleased to see lots of talented young people in the region taking part in the tournament.

“TARD President Mr. Timson Maeta said he is very pleased to see how North Malaita youths or teams and clubs have shown huge interest for sports. He said North Malaitans have a lot of potential players that should be exposed to the sports market, but the whole aim and purpose for hosting such tournaments are to engage the youth in sports to avoid involving in unlawful behaviour, especially as the festive season is around the corner.”

He adds the tournament also includes volleyball and netball games.

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