A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit: www.commerce.gov.sb

A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit: www.commerce.gov.sb

Improvement on the eight point six kilometer stretch of road from Rararo to Hauhui in West Are’are is set to continue soon after the Easter season.

A local community based contractor has been engaged to improve that stretch of road.

Contract Manager Gechiga Opaka says, clearing of bushes, road ways and drainage have been completed – attributed to community support.

Mr Opaka adds, machines will be available soon for further improvements.

“We are waiting for machines to grade and fill in the pot holes which will be done after the Easter season, so we will be engaging a loader, grader and a few dump trucks.”

The Contract Manager adds, communities have shown positive response in improving infrastructure services in their area.

“In terms of brushing, community groups were involved encouraging the people’s participation, so they have a good workforce to work energetically to complete the road brushing and weeding.”

The Project was funded by the Solomon Islands Government,Asian Development Bank and other donor partners.

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