Credit Card Processor. Photo credit:

Credit Card Processor. Photo credit:

Peoples participation in banking services is key to developing the country’s economy, says Westpac Bank Manager, Jeffery Pitamama.

The Westpac Bank Manager made the statement at an event to launch Westpac’s In-store banking services at the Fishing Village in East Honiara today.

Mr Pitamama said the In-store banking services is an initiative to enable rural Solomon Islanders to participate in the country’s financial system.

“What we Westpac called a banking solution where it can enable a Solomon Islander to save, to make use of the facilities of the financial systems, whether it be Westpac or whether it be any other financial institutions, we at least unlock the potential for any rural Solomon Islander to be partners in this system.”

The Westpac In-store banking services was first introduced in 2012 and is expanding into the provinces.

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