Students in class at the school. Photo credit: SIBC.

Students in a class at the school. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Water has refused to re-connect King George Sixth School’s water supply until the school’s out standing bill of $1.3 million is paid in full.

The Communications and Strategy Manager in the Ministry of Education, Selu Maezama confirms more than $7,000 was paid last week towards the outstanding bills, but Solomon Water is demanding the full outstanding amount of $1.3 million.

Mr Maezama says the Ministry is working diligently to ensure the remaining bills are paid soon.

Meanwhile, Solomon Water says it is standing by their official procedure to re-connect water supplies only after all outstanding bills are paid.

The water authority confirms the Ministry has made some payment but is still to pay the full bill.

Last week the Principle of King George Samuel Fangata says the school will close down if the water supply is not restored by this week.

The School Principal had also said the school’s water supply has been disconnected since the 9th of July last month.

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