The Free West Papua Movement supporters. Photo credit: Charles Kadamana.

The Free West Papua Movement supporters. Photo credit: Charles Kadamana.

President of the ‘Free West Papua Movement’ in Solomon Islands has said it is his organisation’s wish that the Solomon Islands Government take up after Vanuatu – a Melanesian solidarity against the atrocities committed against West Papuan people.

President Ian Ronnie told SIBC News, despite being unsure of the current government’s position on West Papua issue, their wish is the government stand alongside West Papuans.

He said a Melanesian solidarity is what Solomon Islands can contribute to stopping the genocide in West Papua.

“Let’s have a Melanesian solidarity against this genocide which is happening in West Papua. If we continue to entertain Indonesia, then we are weak. But if we stand strong and say we can support West Papua even if Indonesia won’t help us with the aid or such. So I believe the government is tied down with aid from Indonesia, but if it can identify itself with the people of West Papua as our Melanesian brothers and sisters, I believe Solomon Islands will be okay and that’s our wish.”

SIBC News understands supporters of the Free West Papua Movement in Honiara staged a peaceful protest during the one-day visit by Indonesia’s Foreign Minister to Honiara on Saturday.

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