Lilo urges government to govern quickly as people are waiting

Lilo urges government to govern quickly as people are waiting


By Fredrick Kusu

The Member of Parliament for Central Honiara Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo urges the government to get down to business and quickly address the issues affecting the people of Solomon Islands.

The former Prime Minister made the call in his debate on the motion moved by the Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele to adjourn parliament to 10 June 2024.

He said the country has not been governed properly in the last six months and the people are now waiting, questioning the delay.

“Delaying governance means denying governance to the people. I just like to mention to the Prime Minister and his team to think seriously about.”

He added giving another 100 days as in the government’s 100 days policy will almost take most of the year just to prepare to govern.

“Sir this is not a new government. It is the same government in the 11th Parliament, so we need to show some seriousness on issues facing the people.”

Lilo also reminded the government to forget about geo-politics and focus more on the economy as it is going down.

“Let’s focus on key little issues to rekindle the economy of our country. That is what the people are waiting for.”

He added that the economy is the real property of the people of Solomon Islands saying if the economy is not performing well, people’s livelihood will be affected.

The former Prime Minister reminded parliament that the government has a very young team and they should be given the opportunity to come up with good ideas and give hope to people.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele assured that the government’s 100 days policy will outline the government’s action.

He said the policy will also deal with finance, health, and education.

He explained that the government’s key priority will be in the economy.

“As I have said earlier during my victory speech, the government’s priority will be on the economy. Health and education are also critical and that is on our agenda and so as law and order”.

“There are priorities, ongoing priorities and also new priorities that will be contained in the 100 days policy and of course the translation document and others”.

The Government for National Unity and Transformation led by Manele is now working on the 100 days policy.

The government Caucus also met on Tuesday where the selection of political appointees could be viewed as part of the selection process.


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