SDA logo. Photo credit: Event Brite.

                                                      SDA logo. Photo credit: Event Brite.

A member of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) community is unhappy with the use of his religious belief’s name by the public, especially bus conductors.

Aaron Olofia explains, bus conductors use the name SDA to refer to the bus stand at the entrance of the Vura junction, East Honiara.

Mr. Olofia says the inconsiderate use of the abbreviation ‘SDA’ by these bus conductors has taken away the religious value of his faith.

He encourages the public and bus conductors to use other names such as ‘down Vura’ or other names when referring to the Vura road entrance bus stop.

“…discouraged, feel bad about the usage of this name if there is any possibility that the bus owners can advise their buses there are a lot of names to use instead of the name SDA because it is a sacred name to me. It is a name that I cannot just yield it over and over, it’s a belief I would like to share with others but not in a way like people just shout it out like they are doing on buses.”

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