Homes on an artificial island at Ata'a. Photo credit:

Homes on an artificial island at Ata’a. Photo credit:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has successfully carried out a Sea Level Rise Mapping Program with its stakeholders in Ata’a, North East Malaita.

The Program wants to educate sea coastal communities, especially artificial communities about issues relating to Sea Level Rise in Solomon Islands.

Chairman of Ata’a Community SWoCk Based Program, MikeTango spoke of the program to SIBC News.

“The aim of this Sea Level Rise Mapping is to assure and educate coastal communities who lived on artificial islands and the coastal areas in terms of sea level rise at Ata’a now and into the future.”

SIBC News understands the SWoCk based program is housed under theMinistries of Agriculture and of Environment, Climate Change, DisasterManagement and Meteorology; and is funded through the UNDP Adaptation program.

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