Education logo. Photo credit: somaliinternationaluniversity.com

Education logo. Photo credit: somaliinternationaluniversity.com

A workshop to improve head teachers’ abilities to train untrained teachers through distance and flexible learning with the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) has successfully concluded in Auki, Malaita Province.

SIBC’s Malu’u stringer Lesley Kwaimani reports Head of Mathematics at SINU Buka Misifea has told participants, the University’s Vice Chancellor and Administration sees it important that every Solomon Islanders are developed and that there is a high academic level in the country.

Lensley also reports the SINU Head of Mathematics has saluted the workshop, saying it is their vision to see their children educated by trained teachers.

“He also thanked the Master teachers who have helped to conduct the work for some time. Misifea said at the end of the workshop that it has marked an important history in Malaita province despite the period they expect to complete the program. He said as providers of the program they believe that Malaitans will benefit from it as they have reached its end.”

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