SIBC launches new breakfast program

SIBC head of presentation Rolland Koofuli is hosting SIBC's new breakfast program.

SIBC head of presentation Rolland Koofuli is hosting SIBC’s new breakfast program. 

SIBC has launched a new breakfast program to help you wake up in the morning.

Backed by Solomon Islands’ retailer Low Price Enterprises Ltd, SIBC head of presentation Rolland Koofuli will host the program, from 6am to 8am everyday.

Mr Koofuli told SIBC online it was “a bit different from other breakfast shows”.

“This one is a bit more free,” he said. “We have other programs inside it, such as Distaem Nao at 7am to 7.30am everyday, and Talk Sports at 7.30am, for about 10 minutes.

“And we’ll be playing upbeat music – its a new day so we’re trying to make people feel good when they wake up.”

The 8am to 10am slot will also be hosted by Mr Koofuli, but with SIBC’s regular programming.




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