Wet season could continue until May: MET

Rain in South Guadalcanal.

Rain in South Guadalcanal.

The unpredictable weather around much of the Solomon Islands could continue, with the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services’ saying the wet season can go well into May.

Acting Director of Met Services Lloyd Tahani warned the general public to continue to take precautionary measures during the current bad weather which has hit the nation.

Some of the flooding in the capital on Sunday night.

Some of the flooding in the capital on Sunday night.

Mr Tahani emphasised the importance of weather updates and said Solomon Islanders should listen to their radios as weather conditions were unpredictable.

“You may remember in 1986 we had cyclone Namu, which caused huge devastation,” Mr Tahani said.

“The wet season can lag. So we cannot say for sure that the wet season will end at the end of April.”

Meanwhile, because of the heavy rain, Solomon Water has urged its customers to always boil water before use.

The warning remains until further notice.

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