Urgent action needed on mental health in the Solomons: Orotaloa

Mental Health. Photo credit: www.mohawkcollege.ca

Mental Health needs to be taken more seriously: Paul Orotaloa

Proposed mental health services legislation in the Solomons is not among priority bills for this year’s sitting of Parliament – and Dr Paul Orotaloa wants to change that.

The legislation was drafted with an attempt to commit political will into developing mental health services in the Solomon Islands.

But Dr Paul Orotaloa from the Mental Health Services division told SIBC News it was sad to note the bill had not been prioritised by Government.

“In terms of trying to commit the political will into developing these services, as we speak, we have the Mental Health legislation for Solomon Islands now a working progress with the Attorney General drafter so we are hoping that through the sittings of Parliament this year it should come through,” Dr Orotaloa said.

“But sad enough, the latest update we received was that the bill was not prioritised and not even in the priority list as far as the Government is concerned for 2017, so we’re probably looking at maybe a little longer timeframe before it comes through the House of Parliament.”

Parliament retired for the Easter break last night.

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