A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit: www.commerce.gov.sb

A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit: www.commerce.gov.sb

Teachers in East Kwara’ae have formed a new teachers association with the aim of collaborating academically in the Eastern region of Malaita province.

Called the Association of East Kwara’ae Education Profile, its objectives are to assist students develop holistically.

Enoch Idui told SIBC News, the association was established with a vision to improve all schools in the region.

“The vision of this association is that all schools to develop their individual potentials social, spiritual, intellectual and cultural preservation in East Kwara’ae. Its mission statement is to improve and strengthening education in all East Kwara’ae schools for self-reliance and sustainability.”

SIBC News understands the association is the first of its kind to be established in East Kwara’ae.

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