RSIPF logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

RSIPF logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

In a related Police story, Tetere Police station on the Guadalcanal Plains came under attack from surrounding communities today after locals blame Police for the death of one of their lads over the weekend.

The incident had caused officers from Tetere Police and Correctional Service and their families to flee the vicinity.

An eyewitness account says, Tetere Correctional Service families have fled to the Tetere cells and locked themselves with inmates.

While the Police are still tight-lipped about what happened, it is believed the incident was sparked when two young male suspects were apprehended by the Police Response Team on G-Plains over the weekend.

It was alleged, one of the lads escaped during the questioning and interrogation process.

The escapee’s body was later found floating in the Taivu River.

Angry relatives are blaming Police for the cause of his death.

It remains unclear if the Police are responsible for the victim’s death.

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