Map of the Reef Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Map of the Reef Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Cyclone Pam has destroyed parts of Reef Islands.

SIBC News spoke to Ezekiel Nodua of Tuwo Village this afternoon who reported, the wind has been consistent and ‘very strong’.

Mr Nodua says, people’s gardens and fruit trees have been uprooted and destroyed.

He adds people are now sheltering in caves, church buildings and schools.

He explains, the impact will be severe as residents depend on limited fruit trees and small bush patches for gardening.

Meanwhile, a separate report received from Hograno district, Isabel Province states, strong winds and heavy rain cause damage to people’s livelihood around Biluro area.

Ray Vaku of Biluro Village reports, fruit trees, crops and food gardens have been washed away by heavy rain and flooding.

Residents of these areas appeal for urgent assessment and assistance.

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