US Ambassador Walter North. Photo credit:

US Ambassador Walter North. Photo credit:

Solomon Islanders have a duty to the generations that follow.

These are the words of the United States Ambassador to Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and PNG, His Excellency Walter North who is in the country.

Ambassador North arrives this afternoon to hand over more than SBD$1 million of US AID funds for climate change adaptation programs to be implemented in Western and Choiseul Provinces.

“The SBD$1.2 million to a local group out there called the National Resources Development Foundation and they are going to be doing community-based work to try to impact the communities to have more control over the resources.”

Mr. North says whether one lives in Solomon Islands or United States, our ultimate success depends on the capacity we have to manage our natural resources sustainability.

He explains the money came from the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Pacific American Climate Fund.

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