604 positive Covid-19 tests Recorded in the past 48 hours

Country records 604 positive covid-19 tests in the past 48 hours.

The Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana revealed this during his covid-19 situation update yesterday.

Covid-19 vaccination team at SIBC grounds (Photo: SIBC news)

He said the 604 new recorded tests brings the country’s total covid-19 positive tests to 14,786.

Dr. Togamana said with the current figure recorded, the ministry will be going through its database as currently, some people have received both rapid tests to confirm the injection.

Today I have used the word number of positive tests instead of cases. As the situation settles down, our health teams will have more time to clean our database of COVID-19 positive cases. The number of cases will be less as some people have been tested twice example some people received both rapid test and PCR test to confirm their infection.”

Of the cases recorded, 358 of these new cases are detected in Honiara alone and 1,866 positive tests in the 2nd wave since April 13th, 2022.

Dr Togamana said the figure is however expected to be lower due to double testing of people in the second wave of covid transmission.

The National Referral Hospital COVID-19 ward has started to record a decline in the number of patients admitted for COVID-19, from 22 patients on Sunday, 17 patients on Monday and 14 patients as of yesterday.

NRH has however reported positive covid-19 cases across other wards in the hospital.

Across other wards there are also patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 as well. Over the weekend there were 87 patients who tested positive. This has now reduced to 54 as many also returned to negative.”,  Togamana said.

The Central Field Hospital that was put on standby to accommodate surge in patients currently remains empty with zero patients.

Meanwhile one covid-19 related death has been recorded at NRH bringing the country’s total death count to 141.

The death happened in an elderly 80 year old patient who had coexisting heart disease and was unvaccinated.


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