80% of Honiara shops fined.


A typical shop in Honiara.

About eighty-percent of shops and food outlets in Honiara have been penalised for failing the Pure Food Act and its regulation.

The fines were imposed after evidence were collected during a shop and food outlet inspection in Honiara.

The inspection is to check for correct labelling and expiry dates on all food sold in shops and food outlets around the city.

Chief Health Inspector for Honiara City Council, George Titiulu says, shops and food outlets caught selling goods labelled in foreign language or expired goods were fined One-Thousand dollars each.

Mr Titiulu warns, all shops and food outlets must observe the Food Act.


“Most of the have paid their fines as we carried out the inspections,” he said.

“Some have even came forward to get the information about the check ups and the regualtions.”

By: Fredrick Kusu.



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