A man quarantined for crossing the Western Border


Nila Quarantine and isolation Center, Shortland Islands Western Province

A middle-aged man is currently quarantined at the Nila Isolation Centre since Tuesday this week after returning from Bouganville on Monday night.

The man was put in the isolation ward after the front-line officials received a report from the Tactical Commander at 10:30 pm on Monday.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC News in Nila, Team Leader of the COVID Rapid Response Team, Dr. Saddler Zekele said his team including the PRT went to Gaomai where the person was residing and escorted him back to Nila in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

“According to the man he went across to his home village in Bouganville last Saturday after quarreling with his wife from Gaomai and returned to Shortland Islands at 9 pm on Monday.” He said.

Dr. Saddler added the person was then escorted to Nila Isolation Ward with the help from the PRT team to bring him back to Nila to be quarantined.

“Through interrogation with the person, he confirmed he was only in contact with six members of his family.”

He said so far his first COVID 19 test returned negative, the second test will be conducted Tuesday next week.

 The person will serve his 21 days in the isolation ward.

According to police, information processes are looked into for the matter to be referred to the Court since the person breach the State of Public Emergency.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare urged the people of the Shortland Islands not to take this issue lightly.

He made the remark yesterday at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Western Border and Patrol Boat OutPost.

He said while he understands the connection we have with our fellow wantoks on the other side, at the moment it is important that we all remember that this sickness is fatal.

“At the moment I have declared this area as part of the Emergency Zone, and it will remain so until advice is given otherwise.

by Gina Maka’a in Nila, Western Province

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