FSII CEO Benjamin Afuga. Photo credit: FSII.

FSII CEO Benjamin Afuga. Photo credit: FSII.

Chief Executive Officer of the Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) Mr. Benjamin Afuga vows to defend the forum and its members in court.

CEO Afuga made this statement in anticipation of a court case threat issued by the Solomon Airline Chief Executive officer Ron Sumsum Monday this week.

Mr. Afuga told SIBC News this afternoon, FSII will ensure the truth prevails and claim victory for Solomon Islanders.

“FSII prepares to go all the way to court to defend itself. This is to ensure that the truth prevails. We are looking forward to claiming victory and it will be for every Solomon Islander. This whole issue will be revealed once the case ends up in court.”

Mr. Afuga explains, as part of its preparation, the FSII Management has organized a legal team comprising local and international lawyers who are members of the internationally followed social network.

He says the overwhelming level of support so far is indicative of FSII’s credibility, popularity, solidarity and powerfulness in terms of resources and the people-centered issues it raises.

Meanwhile, FSII Trustees have thrown their support behind CEO, Benjamin Afuga saying the group has nothing to lose if the Solomon Airline CEO decides to file a court case against FSII.

Ishmael Nori says all FSII Trustees are more than willing to defend the people of the country even if it means going to jail.

“We have nothing to lose, we ourselves and I as a trustee here, I am ready to sacrifice whatever I have to defend the people especially FSII. If the case reaches a point where people have to be jailed, people like us we are willing to go that far.”


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