‘Alphameta products are not harmful’: JM International explains

JM International’s Global Consultant Chee Meng and Operation Manager Ian Farobo.

The doctor’s advise must always be considered as a priority when Solomon Islanders seek medical assistance outside.

Global consultant for JM International Chee Meng made this statement in response to recent concerns from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services over medical workers and citizens who prescribed or treated themselves with Alphameta products.

The Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr Dalipanda warned the products as not verified medically.

In his response today Mr Meng supported that regardless of the products people want to consume, the doctor’s advice must always be considered first.

“This is the number one message we want to deliver as a company to our ten thousand customers in the country as of now. And we realised we need to spread a message together with the Ministry of Health, they should be aware that the doctor’s advice is priority.”

Mr Meng further explained, the Alphameta products are not harmful.

“We would like to clarify that the Alphameta products we have been distributing for the past several years tin the Pacific and now in Solomon Islands are safe to consume. Even a baby or six-month old can consume them because they are one hundred percent organic extracted rice products.

“Basically if you eat rice, you will have no problem eating these products because there are no additives to them.”

JM International is a global company who market handpicked food products in the Pacific including Solomon Islands and Vanuatu


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