Anti-corruption bill to Parliament ‘possibly’ this week: Sogavare

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the anti-corruption bill is on the way

The National Parliament has adjourned til Monday next week, with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare revealing the Anti Corruption Bill has passed through cabinet and will be submitted to Parliament “possibly” this week.

Moving a Motion for Special Adjournment on the floor of Parliament this morning, Mr Sogavare said the Government needed some time to complete work on the 2018 Appropriation Budget.

He said, additionally, and in consultation with the Bills Committee, consultation and report writing on a number of bills including the Prescription Bill demanded time.

Meanwhile, supporting the adjournment motion, Opposition Leader, Jeremiah Manele suggested the Government develop a Legislative Calendar to guide Parliament and its various committees on what to do and when.

Mr. Manele said a Legislative Calendar would ensure Parliament avoided future special Adjournments.

Meanwhile, the civil society organisations’ Anti-Corruption Bill Committees said it believes the government will reintroduce the anti-corruption bill at some point.

Committee chairman Dr Huddie Namo spoke to SIBC News after the Prime Minister moved a special adjournment motion in Parliament.

Mr Namo said the committee was not giving up hope that the bill would be reintroduced.

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